Thursday, July 19, 2018

KDNQ-FM 99.1 & KNDF-FM 102.1 - Indie FM New Mexico

About Us:

Our logo from 2012.

Indie FM was founded on New Year’s Day of 2012 on 102.1, as “Indie 102,” which specialized in broadcasting Indie Rock and Pop.  On March 20, 2012, “Indie” became "99.9 Live FM," and we expanded our playlist to Alternative, AAA, Hip-Hop, and a touch of EDM. Since then, Live (now Indie) has hopped around several frequencies, and now found homes on 99.1 in ABQ, and 102.1 Santa Fe.

Indie FM isn’t your typical, generic radio station. Around here, we do our best to play the best, and newest Alternative, Indie, and Hip-Hop music. We also play anything else that catches our ears' attention.


By the way, did we tell you that we support local music? Don’t hesitate to send us your music our way! This is your station. We need your input to help Indie be great, and choose the music you want to hear from us. We spend our days scanning the internet, going to shows, and receiving any music from local artists trying our best to broadcast the most intriguing music for you!

Our logo from 2013-2016



Who are you owned by?
Indie FM is locally owned by CMAW Media, a New Mexico multimedia business founded in 2003.

Are you guys really commercial free?
Yes. Indie FM does NOT broadcast any commercials, as of right now We hate commercials as much as you do, so enjoy your listening experience, commercial-free!

Can I listen to Live FM on my phone?
Yes, Live FM is on the TuneIn app. Make sure to search for "Indie FM New Mexico."

Does your call sign stand for something?
Yes. KNDF ND santa Fe. Indie Santa Fe. KDNQ, AlbuQuerque INDie.

Can I submit my music?
As long you're from the 505, 575, 915, 970, 928, 520, 432, and 806, then yes! Click here for more info.

Why don’t you guys broadcast overnight?
The reason why Indie FM doesn’t broadcast overnight (12 AM MT – 7 AM MT) is because we average a whopping ZERO listeners. Plus we don’t have enough staff to oversee the studio just in case something goes wrong (e.g. the player decides to play the song 20 times in a row, or something like that). Plus, it’s good to save a bit of energy, and help out the planet.